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I need to write…

I have no excuse – but I seem to make a million to avoid writing and posting on this blog. I put it up to help me write more often – to be compelled to write. Well, we see how … Continue reading

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Thankful that I Am a Mom

When you’re raising kids it is often challenging, heart attack inducing, and filled with lots of laughter. What I remember vividly is the blur of everyday – running to hockey practices, trying to oversee studying for school, planning meals for … Continue reading

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I have a new affliction – full blown insomnia. Definitely not something I’ve ever had to deal with on a day to day basis. There is this overwhelming feeling that I missed something – a deadlines, a bus, a secret. … Continue reading

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Doctors Are Just Artists – and They’re Not All Good

It’s been interesting to deal with someone with a chronic illness, because that’s when you really discover the strength and ability of your doctor. When I was growing up, I would rarely challenge a teacher. I assumed they had all … Continue reading

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Do you have a “perfect blind” spot in your life?

So, where’s your “blind spot”? We all have them. We all probably ignore them, especially when we need to use that common sense the most. This blog will try to look at issues from all sides, to share universal truths … Continue reading

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